Get Started

Allows to send lead directly from Cashcat to a Lender

How It Works

  1. User comes to the Cashcat and fills in an full application form.

  2. Cashcat sends application form thru the API directly to a Lender

  3. The Lender receives data and process it.

    1. If the decision is positive, Lender continue to work with the Lead and issue a Loan

    2. If the decision is negative, Cashcat continue to work with the Lead and send application to a next Lender in a lenders' list.


  1. The User doesn't need to place several semi-identical application forms

  2. Higher conversion ratio

  3. Smoth User eXperience in the chain Traffic sources -> Affiliate -> Lender.

How To Connect

It's a sever-server integration. You need to implement endpoint that could handle POST request from Cashcat. Please, read the next sections of these documentation.


To ensure that lead's data goes exactly from Cashcat backend, Cashcat could include in POST request security token (in header or in JSON body). Also you can also verify https cerificate and domain name of the requests.