API Sandbox

Describes how to easy develop and test API

API Traffic Sandbox

1. Select Sandbox endpoint

Sandbox can made POST request to your endpoint on-demand. To make POST request with dummy leads' data you need to send GET request to sandbox endpoint with request_url parameter.

You can use one of endpoints depends on what country your company from:


Sandbox Endpoint





South Africa





2. Initiate request from Cashcat

Initiate POST request to your endpoint

Use request_url parameter to pass your endpoint URL.
Path Parameters
URL of your endpoint that you need to test for getting Leads' data. On this endpoint Cashcat will send dummy POST request with leads' data in a format and structure as described in API Traffic section. Example: https://cashcat.ph/api/v1/loans/sandbox-api-traffic/?request_url=https://lender.tld/api/receiver
200: OK
View the response from your endpoint like Cashcat.
Response example
"message": "POST request to https://lender.tld/api/receiver was sent.",
"status": "response code from endpoint 200",
"text": "{\"application_id\": \"x3y47qfx4qsn99ve\", \"timestamp\": 1555891846, \"affiliate\": {\"name\": \"cashcat\", \"website\": \"https://cashcat.ph\", \"postback_url\": \"https://cashcat.ph/postback/demo-lender\", \"request_id\": \"533fannt5jymq9t2\"}, \"lead\": {\"person\": {\"first_name\": \"Steven\", \"middle_name\": \"St.\", \"last_name\": \"Chan\", \"birth_date\": \"1987-04-09\", \"gender\": \"Male\", \"country_residence\": \"Philippines\", \"home_town\": \"Manila\", \"mobile_phone\": \"09055821123\", \"email\": \"steven@cashcat.ph\", \"employer_name\": \"Cashcat Marketing Solutions\"}, \"documents\": [{\"type\": \"TIN\", \"id\": \"343242342\"}, {\"type\": \"SSS\", \"id\": \"64654654\"}], \"loan\": {\"amount\": \"8000.00\", \"currency\": \"PHP\", \"term\": 14, \"duration_period\": \"days\", \"purpose\": \"other\", \"purpose_detailed\": \"I need money for urgent travel to Japan\", \"type\": \"Bank Account\"}}, \"meta\": {\"first_seen_on\": 1555890539, \"filling_duration\": 3600, \"filling_duration_meta\": \"very_slow\", \"ua_agent\": {\"raw_uagent\": \"Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 8.1.0; SM-J730G Build/M1AJQ; wv) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/73.0.3683.90 Mobile Safari/537.36 [FB_IAB/FB4A;FBAV/;]\", \"is_mobile\": true, \"is_touchable\": true, \"is_tablet\": false, \"is_pc\": false}, \"web_pushes_subscribed\": true, \"email_subscribed\": true, \"lead_source\": \"facebook\", \"ip\": \"\", \"browser_accept_language\": \"en-gb\"}}"

You can view what Cashcat gets from your endpoint in Response section in status, text Cashcat will copy-paste headers and body to request. Now you could test it whatever you want.

Pay attention that text is a raw text data, that Cashcat getting in a body of the response. If you passing there a JSON payload, it will be displayed in the response with escape "/" symbols.

3. Cashcat will make POST request

Example of JSON in the request
"application_id": "6s26t0m0477p28c8",
"timestamp": 1553766725957,
"affiliate": {
"name": "cashcat",
"website": "",
"postback_url": "",
"request_id": "vc7z8pz149q46hy1"
"lead": {
"person": {
"first_name": "Steven",
"middle_name": "St.",
"last_name": "Chan",
"birth_date": "1990-10-24",
"gender": "Male",
"country_residence": "Philippines",
"home_town": "Manila",
"mobile_phone": "09187793976",
"email": "chanchan@gmail.com",
"employer_name": "BDO"
"documents": [
"type": "SSS",
"id": "12345678901"
"type": "TIN",
"id": "123456789012"
"loan": {
"amount": 5000.0,
"currency": "PHP",
"term": 14,
"duration_period": "days",
"purpose": "other",
"purpose_detailed": "I need money for urgent family needs",
"type": "Bank Card"
"meta": {
"first_seen_on": 1553766725957,
"filling_duration": 245,
"filling_duration_meta": "very_low|low|medium|fast|very_fast",
"ua_agent": {
"raw_uagent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X x.y; rv:42.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/42.0",
"is_mobile": true,
"is_touchable": true,
"is_tablet": false,
"is_pc": false
"web_pushes_subscribed": true,
"email_subscribed": true,
"lead_source": "facebook|direct|ad|affiliate",
"ip": "",
"browser_accept_language": "en-gb"

Pay attention that data is uft-8 encoded

Can I use sandbox with my integration tests?

Yes, you can! Make you test driven development process whatever you like. You can be sure that sandbox endpoint will make POST request to you backend while this service provides.