Leads by mobile phone

You can retrieve lead data by mobile phone token

Use case

  1. User goes to https://cashcat.ph site and fills an application form.

  2. Cashcat define the best loan offers for the user and if your offer selected, the user redirects to your landing page.

  3. The user dowload your app (or continiue to work with web site) and starting to create account and fills in another similar application form.

  4. When your app gets mobile phone number - your app (via backend) can retrieve users data from Cashcat by mobile phone.

  5. Your app predefine fields in internal application form and the user's experience is wonderful!


Smooth User eXperience (UX) - from the lead generator site to your application - user enters own data only once.

Additional infromation about clicks on competing offers, that user made. You can use this information in your internal risk management system and marketing.

Onboarding time reduction - predefined fields it is not just convenience for your user, it is competitive advantage that your app has on the market.

User data security

Action API provide bank's-level cryptograpy standards to receive and send users data. With Cashcat you even doesn't need to send us a raw mobile phone number of your user. Instead of this Actions API works with sha256 digest:

sha256 python example
import hashlib
mobile_hash = hashlib.sha256(b'+639957867765').hexdigest()
>> 3480996a838b90aa4f7a325c526543284efb41f60d2f6ca5781f734e5829ce86

When you send request for lead's data, you use hash of mobile phone. sha256 is a one-way compression function so we can't get user phone if we don't get it already.

Get leads data by mobile phone hash

This endpoint allows you to get lead data with provided action token. Please take a look to the Response section for detailed explanations:
Path Parameters
string (64) sha256 hash of mobile phone in international format: +63XXXXXXXXXX - Philippines
200: OK
"lead": {
"ext_id": "4Z0XSQ22Y6",
"createdOn": "2018-01-30 21:32:26.765345+00:00",
"firstName": "Hose",
"middleName": "Jr",
"lastName": "Gatungay",
"email": "example@example.com",
"birthday": "1981-05-22",
"gender": "Male",
"countryResidence": "Philippines",
"hometown": "Manila",
"monthlyIncome": "From 20.000 to 40.000",
"monthlyIncomeCurrency": "PHP",
"socialStatus": "Employed At A Factory"
"loan": {
"product": "PDL",
"requestedCurrency": "PHP",
"requestedAmount": 8000
"clicks": {
"object": "YJ36B46314F3AN00",
"clicks": 2
"balance": {
"company": "paydayloans.com",
"amount": 22,
"currency": "USD",
"availableRequests": 22
404: Not Found