Leads by action

You can retrieve lead data by action token

Use case

  1. User goes to cashcat.ph and fill in an application form.

  2. Cashcat offers the user a list of loans offers and the user choose one of them (e.g. yours).

  3. Cashcat redirects the user to your landing page and start registration process.

  4. When you get a mobile phone number from the user, you web-site (via your back-end) can retrieve user's data from Actions API and predefine loan application from.

  5. The user gets excellet service and good User eXperience (UX).

More technically

To get lead's information you can make GET request to Actions API endpoint https://cashcat.ph/api/v1/actions/action/action_token, where action_token is the URL parameter that is passed in the GET request when the user navigates to your site. Thus, you can get information only for the leads that are interested in proposal from your company and skip spam or irrelevant lead

Where can I find action_token?

For example, you've got GET request from Cashcat to your site with parameters: https://your-site-address.com/?utm_source=cashcat.ph&action_token=p47m6005xhf0f6z6The action token is p47m6005xhf0f6z6. You can make request to Actions API to pre-fill fields on your welcome screen or an application form for smooth user experience.

Get leads by action token

This endpoint allows you to get lead data with provided action token. Please take a look to the Response section for detailed explanations:
Path Parameters
Action token that you recieved in GET request while lead came from cashcat.ph to your landing page. String 16 chars
200: OK
Lead data successfully retrieved.
"lead": {
"ext_id": "4Z0XSQ22Y6",
"createdOn": "2018-01-30 21:32:26.765345+00:00",
"firstName": "Hose",
"middleName": "Jr",
"lastName": "Gatungay",
"email": "[email protected]",
"birthday": "1981-05-22",
"gender": "Male",
"countryResidence": "Philippines",
"hometown": "Manila",
"monthlyIncome": "From 20.000 to 40.000",
"monthlyIncomeCurrency": "PHP",
"socialStatus": "Employed At A Factory"
"loan": {
"product": "PDL",
"requestedCurrency": "PHP",
"requestedAmount": 8000
"clicks": {
"object": "YJ36B46314F3AN00",
"clicks": 2
"balance": {
"company": "paydayloans.com",
"amount": 22,
"currency": "USD",
"availableRequests": 22
401: Unauthorized
Actions API uses IP-address authorization of requests from online lenders' backends.
'error': {
'code': 50002,
'message': 'no server IP {client_ip} in Actions API whitelist. Please, contact [email protected]'
402: Payment Required
Probably, thera are no funds on your cashcat's balance
'error': {
'code': 50004,
'message': 'insufficient funds. Please, top up your balance. For details contact [email protected]'
404: Not Found
Could not find an action
'error': {
'code': 50003,
'message': 'action not found'
405: Method Not Allowed
In {request.method} will be provided current http method that client initiated. Only GET method supported by this endpoint.
'error': {
'code': 50001,
'message': 'wrong http method used ({request.method}), accept only GET method'