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API Gateway for Humans

Cashcat provides API Gateway to connect different affiliate services to the lender core system with a single endpoint and logic.


  • Traffic redirector (with auto-scalable load balancer). Redirect and mark web traffic due to a standard that understands your front-end:

    • traffic redirector deployed in a lender's region (APAC), that will help to redirect the user to lender's site with a couple of milliseconds;

    • Service Level Agreement 99,95%.

    • Outage lead capturing landing page. If any of your systems are down or under planned maintenance, you can redirect all traffic to a branded web-page optimized for capturing leads. The API Gateway will send them an email or push notification with a link after services are operational. You won't lose any of the leads.

  • Management Dashboard with basic chars, export in csv, offers management:

    • Analyse and manage offers

    • Partners analytics

    • Export to CSV

    • Filtering data and periods

Partner Management Dashboard
  • Reconciliation API with partners (Webmasters, Affiliate Networks, etc.) - you no need to manual check conversion and compensations by period! No headache, no pain!

  • Email alerting

    • low traffic,

    • high traffic from partner,

    • additional integrations (Jira, Slack, etc) by request.

  • Offers module

    • enable offer,

    • disable offer,

    • offer parameters

    • share marketing materials for the partners

  • Postbacks processing. Lending's core system communicates only with API Gateway. API Gateway proxy postbacks to partners. Also, partners can re-load postback history by themselves. No headache, no pain!

  • Sandbox for Partners. Allows Partners to create integration from their side, test it without making requests to the production environment. Documentation for Humans.

  • Partner Area. Every partner has his credentials and access to basic analytics about postbacks, current offers, marketing materials, conversions, and awards (soon).

How to start

  1. Postbacks integration API Gateway <> Lending Core System

  2. Customize available offer(s)

  3. Connect first traffic provider(s), making tests, going to production. The first provider could be Cashcat