How It Works

A few words about Cashcat's Affiliate Program

Cashcat Affiliate Program (CAP) give you access for resale traffic with Cashcat.

It should be cool to make money off of your blog or website, right?

You may have stable traffic from social media or user database. Why don't have additional income and make users happy with valuable offers from Cashcat?

How It Works?

  1. You send traffic from your social marketing campaigns or email campaigns directly on personal affiliate link on Cashcat.

  2. Cashcat manages all process in the background: rotate active offers, priorizite them, deals with advertisers, makes integrations and manage cash flow.

  3. Cashcat redirect users from "offer wall" directly on the lender's websites. After actions done - Cashcat has a postbacks about the actions.

  4. You get profit from cofirmed actions.


  • Main advantage that you no need to create landing pages, offer wall and integrations to work with lending (payday loans) offers.

  • High conversion rate.

  • Fully-automated remarketing.

  • Last cookie wins, but affiliate always has priority over direct Cashcat users.

  • API for getting information back to your system

  • Simple postbacks

Example of CAP interface