Analytics Dashboard

Simple steps to start getting profit from your user database

After getting invite from Cashcat, you could start easy with analytic Dashbord.

  1. Unique sessions on offer wall from your personal referral link

  2. Sessions per days chart (last 10 days shown)

  3. Table of UTM tags provided with personal referral link

  4. Groupped UTM values and counters provided with referral link


5. Clicks per session counter. A User could make several clicks per session because offer wall could represent several offers. Cashcat advise to the User to fulfill application for all offers to maximize chances of getting loan.

6. Postbacks counter with total amount. On every success action on lender website (fulfill application of issued loan) Cashcat getting postback and you can see this information in the block. Pay attention, that advertizer needs to confirm actions, so there are several statuses:

  • pending

  • approved

  • rejected

This section shows pending status.

7. For tuning your social markeing campaings or direct mailings you can use eCPC indicator. eCPC - effective cost per click.

eCPC example: if you get your traffic for 0.50 USD/per click and can sell it for 1.00 dollar per click - you'll get profit 1.00 USD - 0.50 USD =0.50 USD per click.

8. Approved section for postbacks with total amount. This amount is comfirmed by advertiser and ready to withdraw.

Minimal withdraw amount is 20 USD (or equivalent)

Other sections on Dashboar helps you with getting personal referral link, setup instructions