Cashcat Monitoring

This page describes in short the reason of the making monitoring requests to a lender website

Why does Cashcat appear in my server logs?

"User-Agent": "cashcat monitoring"

Cashcat buys traffic and send it to a lender website. It has some costs. Sending traffic to not working lender's websites is a wasting of our budget.

Cashcat can monitor lenders' websites for a successful (200 OK) response.

It helps to understand do particular lender can process incoming ad traffic from the Cashcat.

Usually, Cashcat Bot is monitoring the landing page, but it could be login page also.

On average, Cashcat Bot could make only 1 request in 1 minute, so it is 60 requests per hour - very small load for your instances.

IMPORTANT: If Cashcat Bot can't get a 200 OK response for 5 times (5 min) it will switch off a particular lender's offer from Cashcat Offer Wall and make redirection all the traffic and clicks to working offer of another lender.

Please, don't block our bot from making requests to the target web pages of your websites.

Please, don't return us hardcoded 200 OK. Response naturally.

Cashcat doesn't monitor lender's websites that are not in the promotion of the Cashcat offer wall or email campaigns. If you are sure that your company doesn't work with Cashcat - you can block such requests. But better - send us a removal request to

WARNING: ask your affiliate manager or marketing director first.

Cashcat doesn't render JS code on the page and using only HTTP response codes.