Cashcat Postbacks to Affiliates

This article describes how to get postback from Cashcat to an affiliate partner. This is common practice to use postbacks to tune your ad campaigns and conversions.

Start Receiving Postbacks

Cashcat can proxy online postbacks from advertisers to your endpoint.

You can setup postbacks by sending your postback URL to [email protected]

To use postback functionality you need to:

  1. Send traffic with ref_id paramenter to your referral URL.

  2. Receive postback from Cashcat when we've got status update.

Adding Conversion Identifier To Your Traffic On The Offer Wall{partner_id}/?ref_id=xxxxxxxxxxx
When you're using your referral link, simply add ref_id unique parameter. Ex.:, where abcdefghigk - partner id 123456789abcd - unique lead id from your side. ref_id parameter is optional. You can use it or not. If you're not using ref_id parameter Cashcat won't send postbacks.
Path Parameters
Your partner_id, check your analytics page for this parameter.
Query Parameters
Use ref_if if you want to receive postbacks for this lead. String (up to 32 chars)
200: OK
Status code 200 is a successfull status. Postback will be marked like successfully sent.
302: Found
Any other status code will be marked like unsuccessfull and Cashcat will try send you postback again. Limit 3 tries. Period - 5 min.

Receiving Postback From Cashcat

Please, don't forget to provide postback URL first.

Cashcat will make GET (or if you need POST) request to your endpoint. Used macros:







Status of the conversion

pending, approved, rejected



Your conversion id

unique string for every new conversion, up to 64 chars



Postback ID in the Cashcat

unique string, 16 char. This parameter used to synchronize information or call Cashcat API in the future. Optional, if you don't need to reconcile postbacks.


Additional Information

  1. Some of the advertisers are not working with online postbacks at all and it could be some time lag between conversions and online datastream. The maximum lag for now is 14 days.

  2. Not all advertisers working with provided statuses list. Some of them are not providing rejected and pending statuses.

  3. Cashcats' backend will make 3 tries if get not 200 OK code from your postback URL endpoint.

  4. Cashcat will provide conversion price soon within postbacks. But now it is not implemented.

  5. Prices can be changed. It depends on overall conversions per advertiser. Cashcat has the best prices in the region 🙌

Trackers Compatibility

Cashcat Partner Postbacks compatible with all morden tracking systems and TDS. If you're using custom solution and need additional functionality - please, drop us a letter, we will try to help you.

Non Compete Policy

Cashcat has the lowest priority to any Partner.

Compete Policy

  1. The Last Partner has a touchpoint - is the Partner that is linked to a Lead

  2. Current linked Partner when approved Postback received - wins reward.