How to add Cashcat Code to your Tag Manager

This tutorial help to set up Cashcat Code in your Google Tag Manager

Open your Google Tag Manager

Choose Tags, click New

then enter the Tag's name, ex Cashcat and then click to choose a tag type

select the Custom HTML type:

select all code below, copy this code

<!-- Cashcat Code -->
(function(c, a, s, h, t){
el = a.createElement("script"); el.async=true;
el.src=h; c.cashcatWebsiteId=t;
f=a.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; f.parentNode.insertBefore(el,f);
})(window, document, "script", "",
<!-- End Cashcat Code -->

Paste it to the tag HTML area.

You need to replace PH-XXXXXXXXXX in the line #7 with your ID. Contact Cashcat's representative to get your ID.

Choose All Pages trigger at the bottom:

Save your set up

Submit new version of the tag managers settings:

Enter some details what was done in this setup, ex. add partner code and Publish

That's it!